<![CDATA[Hatch Staffing Services: talent_showcase]]> https://TALENT.HATCHSTAFF.COM/ en-us <![CDATA[Administrative/Recruiting Coordinator ]]> Creative, resourceful and experienced professional who thrives on wrangling details and complex problem solving. I am a passionate and collaborative leader with the strong ability to multi-task, assess needs and proactively take initiative. My enthusiastic work ethic, positive attitude and my tenacity to overcome challenges, has allowed me to thrive in multiple industries. I strive to create a warm, direct, positive, supportive, inclusive and innovative work environment. My personal goals are to see those who work for and with me thrive in their chosen fields while facilitating their growth and creativity within the organization. I value a strong work ethic, a positive work-life balance, and find intense joy in out-of-the box problem solving. Skilled in Strategy & Operations, Human Resources, Talent Aquisition, Nonprofit Management, Requirements Gathering, Project Management, Training and Development, Marketing and Communications, Event Planning, Graphic and Web Design.
As Managing Director of a union theater in Chicago, I led the company in participation in the pilot project of the Chicago Theater Standards; a city-wide Human Resources policy developed to standardize and protect the working conditions of Chicago theater artists. These standards are now being adopted on a national level.
Initiated developed and executed the curriculum for a highly acclaimed collegiate professional internship.

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<![CDATA[Office Support ]]> I worked for National Business Furniture for 40 years.

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<![CDATA[Engineering Student ]]> Originally from a small town in Southern Los Angeles County, I moved to Milwaukee to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering at Marquette University and am currently looking for a summer engineering internship in the Milwaukee area. In high school I was a part of the Engineering Project Lead The Way program, and I participated in the FIRST Robotics competitions for three years. Currently, I work as the Makerspace Intern at the Kohler Center for Entrepreneurship at Marquette University where I manage the 3D printers among other projects such as conducting 3D printing workshops for students.
Participated in Kohler's "Redo The Loo Challenge," where my team placed second, and some of our design elements and ideas were incorporated in the final bathroom design.
For my Senior Engineering Capstone Project in High School, my team created a semi-automatic Toilet Paper Roll Holder. The original design was meant for nursing homes and public restrooms, but a more compact version was planned for private use as well.
Started a virtual 3D Printing Community at Marquette University where both students and faculty can come together to network, collaborate, and even partake in exclusive events.

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<![CDATA[Forklift Driver ]]> Experienced Forklift Driver.  

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<![CDATA[HR Specialist ]]> 10+ years experience in Human Resources, I come with both technical knowledge and an attitude of professional flexibility that has served me well in previous positions.
Graduating with a Master's in Research Psychology.
9 years' service as an HR Specialist in the Federal Administrative Law Judge Program.
Comedysportz team co-captain, developing a sense of functional improvisation and humor.

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<![CDATA[Customer Service/Inside Sales ]]> In August of 2019, I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor's in Human Resource Management. I have over a year of HR Internship experience with two Fortune 500 companies and a year of experience in Talent Acquisition and Recruiting with a global leader in the staffing industry. My strengths include: Analytical mindset Strong decision making ability Sales DNA Multi-tasking Servant leadership Emotional intelligence Relevant HR skills: HRIS transactions and maintenance HR compliance and employment law HR process creation/improvement/implementation Organizational development Performance management New hire orientation Employee relations and conflict management Relevant Recruiting skills: Full desk/full cycle recruiting Interviewing/vetting candidates (background/reference checks/skills assessment) Advanced Boolean search strings New business development Applicant tracking systems (Kronos/ADP/Workday/Bullhorn) Internal database (Salesforce/Aveture) Creative sourcing strategy Social media strategy
Set record for interviews scheduled in one week at ManpowerGroup Solutions
Signed two contracts for new business in 1st month at Robert Half
Averaged 160% of 4-metric weekly goals at ManpowerGroup Solutions

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<![CDATA[Human Resource Generalist ]]> Danielle has strong customer service, AP and strong HR background with Interstate Parking, where she worked for 7 years.  She held various roles and was essentially their HR Department of "one".  She oversaw ABD implementation for 300+ employees over multiple states.  Eventually Interstate decided to bring on an HR Director - went through two in a year - and although Danielle got along with the new HR Director, she just got burned out.  She saw her opportunities at Interstate as versatile, made her very resourceful, learned to prioritize and streamline communication so employees could help themselves.  She helped hire and train her replacement in February 2020, and then COVID hit.  She has been networking, and figuring out her next step.  She would like to remain in HR, but not as a one-man show.  She wants to work with an established company, open to mid-sized manufacturing, where there is cross-training and a "team" environment.  She would like a 30 minute commute from the East Side, and is open to contract opportunities.  Danielle is poised, professional, and quick to smile.   She has a depth of knowledge plus a warmth and energy that you can feel.    

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<![CDATA[Administrative Assistant ]]> I have many skills and talents that firms and companies are looking for. I do not have any responsibilities but myself and I am willing to go into the office vs working remotely due to COVID-19.
Pursued my college degree
Pursued moving to Texas

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