<![CDATA[Hatch Staffing Services: talent_showcase]]> https://TALENT.HATCHSTAFF.COM/ en-us <![CDATA[Payroll Specialist - Multi-State]]> Cathryn has 10 years of payroll experience.  She processed and managed payroll for over 2,500 hourly employees and 3,000 salaried employees within multiple locations and states.  She has utilized Ceridian, Kronos, ADP, SAP and extensive Excel.  She has managed all aspects of multi-state garnishments, child support and tax levy orders.  She has experience communicating with internal employees on payroll questions.  She has also had experience with commissions and billing.  

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<![CDATA[Administrative Assistant ]]> Shannon graduated with her Bachelor's of Arts degree.  She worked as a Gallery Assistant for a few years, she was responsible for providing administrative support for the team and their customers.  She tracked inventory within excel spreadsheets, answered and directed customer calls and ran their front desk greeting guests.  She presents herself extremely well and has advanced computer knowledge with a strong creative background.  She is available to start immediately. 

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<![CDATA[Entry Level Human Resources / General Business Graduate]]> Johnathan was a student athlete graduate of WLC (May 2020). He studied business admin with an emphasis in marketing. His communication skills are without a doubt his strong suit. He comes off knowledgeable and was very specific/ honest about his background. Johnathan would really like to make a substantial impact in the HR realm. He was the captain of the baseball team his senior year and led the team study table for people that had academic struggles thought the duration of the semester.

He created his own mission statement after completing his most recent internship to make people’s professional lives in/out of the office better using new workplace trends/practices.  Both of his references raved about his person to person communication. In his most recent internship at Lakeside Manufacturing he created all social media platforms from the ground up. (Instagram/Linkedin/Snapchat.) Which can be seen currently. He has experience with CRM systems along with a digital marketing platform that they originally outsourced to a firm.

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<![CDATA[Employee Relations Manager]]> Agile and solution-focused HR professional with 11 years of experience in the areas of leadership and professional development, instructional design, project management, employee relations, and benefits administration. Proven success identifying business trends; driving improvement around key metrics. Engaging facilitator with strong command of employment laws and compliance. Skilled at managing large scale projects; consulting and collaborating across all lines of business. Certifications include SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP), and Professional in Human Resources (PHR).

Sarah is bright, energetic, a go-getter, and versed in large corporate culture.  Loves the support of her team.

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<![CDATA[Account Manager]]> Zachary was most recently working as a Project and Account manager for Festiva. Zachary was with Festiva, a timeshare company, for just under 3 years. He started in a customer service role, and his supervisor pressed their management team to bring him onto a more serious role. As a project and account manager, Zachary spoke with all Spanish and Portugese accounts, mainly those who were upset with the service. Zachary is fluent in both, and is also learning French and German. Zachary recently moved back to Milwaukee.

He prides himself in his ability to connect with others and actively listen. His active listening skills have taught him great De-escalation skills in professional settings. He loved handling the escalated accounts to create unique, personalized resolutions for his clients. 



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  • Worked as a recruiter for STS Technical, specifically working for Harley-Davidson. Sara hired primarily machine operators, line workers, and assembly people, but also did have a few engineering hires. Sara is bilingual and also previously worked for Manpower as a team lead. Is eager to get back to recruiting, and genuinely loves making the match.
  • An experienced Bilingual Recruiting Lead with a demonstrated history of working in the staffing and recruiting industry. Skilled in team building, recruiting, staffing , office administration and service management. 
  • Strong program and project management professional with a refined eye for finding top talent. Fully proficient in English and Spanish.


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    <![CDATA[Assembly Line & General Warehouse ]]> Sheniqua  was most recently working for Batteries Plus, and was there for 9 months. Sheniqua was working as a general warehouse associate, and enjoyed the role, but the hours did not work for care for her autistic son. Sheniqua had previously worked for Inmar as a warehouse associate for 12 years! Sheniqua loved the atmosphere of Inmar, and really enjoyed the work and people, but Inmar was bought out and their associates were let go. Sheniqua primarily worked in scanning, data entry, and packaging. She is currently looking for another long-term role at $14/hr on 1st shift. 

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    <![CDATA[Administrative/Property Assistant ]]> Rhiannon has extensive Administrative experience.  She has worked within both financial and commercial real estate industries.  She was responsible for assisting with quarterly client presentation booklets, managing schedules, travel and expense reports.  She planned and organized meetings for the Executives she supported.  She is extremely organized and great with service.  She is always one step ahead of what you need.  In her most recent role within commercial real estate she has experience managing tenant issues and problem solving immediately for them.  She tracked projects within Excel and updated property information within Illustrator.  She has advanced computer knowledge and presents herself extremely well.  

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    <![CDATA[Accountant ]]> Eva graduated with her Bachelor's degree in Accounting with a minor in Finance.  She has 2 years of staff accounting experience.  She was responsible for AP, AR, monthly bank statements, month-end reconciliations, journal entries, cash and accrual, billing, and other various accounting support functions.  She presents herself extremely well and has extensive knowledge within Excel with v-look ups and pivot tables. 

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    <![CDATA[Customer Service/Data Entry Specialist ]]> Gigi has over 5 years of manufacturing customer service experience.  She has experience processing and managing orders within SAP software.  She has stellar communication and follow up skills.  She understands the manufacturing process and is able to answer customer product and freight questions.  She is available to join your team immediately.  

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    <![CDATA[Inventory Specialist ]]> Ryan recently graduated from UW-Milwaukee with his Marketing degree. He has been working as a Product/Inventory Stocking Manager within retail.  He was responsible for managing daily shipments, restocking, inventory management and floor sets.  He assisted customers as needed on a daily basis.  He has a solid work ethic and stellar communication skills.  He has advanced knowledge in Microsoft Excel.  He is available to join your team immediately.   

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    <![CDATA[Accounts Payable Specialist - Manufacturing ]]> Paul has 10 years of Accounts Payable experience within manufacturing.  He is responsible for reviewing and processing over 500 invoices a week.  He reviews and maintains a detailed spreadsheet including client discounts.  He assists with the general ledger entries and other accounting support as needed.  He has experience with SAP, Excel and Oracle.  He is great with details and presents himself extremely well.  He has extensive manufacturing knowledge. 

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    <![CDATA[Human Resource Coordinator]]> In her previous role as an HR Coordinator, Erica developed strong organizational skills through processing employee benefits paperwork,  maintaining employee records, and through the organization of employee events. 

    She is most proud of coordinating 3 major hotel events throughout the year including employee orientation programs and two major employee engagement events. She worked with several hotel departments to ensure each event was planned to perfection. Her administration skills shined through onboarding all new candidates. After an employee completed onboarding, she updated their information into the HRIS system (Peoplesoft).

    Erica created an employee benefits checklist using Excel, organizing the paperwork into separate categories, and entering and processing benefits information into the system. The challenges of the position included learning how to properly handle employee relations issues, and how to properly document employee incidents. After shadowing the HR director through the completion of employee relations investigations, she was able to properly process all of the necessary information needed for filing. 


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    <![CDATA[Customer Service/HR Assistant ]]> JP recently graduated from Marquette with his Bachelor's Degree in Journalism with a minor in HR.  He has a passion for helping people and stellar customer service skills.  He worked within Customer Service throughout school.  He started with Revitalize Milwaukee part time in an unpaid role assisting them with their social media.  The CEO approached him and offered him a paid opportunity to support them with events, presentations, set-up, and other administrative support.  He took on one of their largest events and was able to secure donors and sponsors for the event.  In prior years they would have about 20 attendees at each event, he was able to through his networking and marketing increase that to the max capacity of 65-70 attendees.  His role became a full time position and he could not do both with school so he left for the opportunity with his current role within the retail field, this allowed him flexibility with school in his schedule.  He loved interacting with customers on a daily basis helping select products and sharing a positive experience with each customer.  He can truly relate to anyone and would make a great addition to any team. 

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    <![CDATA[Human Resources and Talent Acquisition]]> Available immediately and is seeking a role in Talent Acquisition or as a Recruiter.  She has 3+ years experience with Cielo Talent in HR as a client/candidate mediator, an HR coordinator, project management, and training in the RPO space.  She was laid off from Cielo.  She most recently worked for United HealthCare as a claims processor but was laid off due to the pandemic.  Jessica is confident, has a bubbly personality and is eager to get back to work. 

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    <![CDATA[Entry Level IT Support ]]> Ethan is looking for full time work in the Waukesha county/MKE county areas working strictly in the IT field. Ideally he would love to work in a IT help desk role. He is currently working as a groundskeeper at Greenfield golf course. After graduating from WCTC he is looking to get started in what he is passionate about. Which involves working with Technology.

    He has had great experience working in the business center at WCTC helping students and faculty resolve any IT related problems and contacting service providers when her couldn’t provide help himself. He was adamant that he wants to be in IT and understands that those types of positions tend to not be as available often.


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    <![CDATA[Mechanical Assembly ]]> Jeaniene  was most recently working at Wacker Neuson as a lead mechanical assembler for the last 5 years. In this role, Jeaniene was putting together cads, training, and providing direction to employees in her department. She loved this role, but unfortunately, Wacker went through a large layoff and Jeaniene was left without a position. Jeaniene also spent 24 years as a Lead Dye Caster for Pace Industries. Jeaniene is targeting $17/hr on 1st shift and would like to stick with lighter duty industrial work. Her experience is tremendous and she would easily adapt to any company culture. 

    Mon, 21 Sep 2020 00:00:00 EDT 1 https://talent.hatchstaff.com/images/talent/440/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-96B6F891-9FF8-3408-B683-87DD432DDC3B.jpg
    <![CDATA[Customer Service Rep ]]> Liz has been working for the Rev Group for the last year supporting their customers with their orders, quotes, issues, invoicing, reviewing and identifying parts for customer orders.  Her role is a mix of invoicing and customer support.  She has really enjoyed this role unfortunately due to COVID her role was downsized.  Prior to that she worked for Guhring and Monarch Plastics supporting their customers.  She was responsible for answering customer calls, processing and entering orders, answering customer calls, creating part numbers and purchase orders, and running reports.  She is targeting around $21/hour. 

    Fri, 18 Sep 2020 00:00:00 EDT 1 https://talent.hatchstaff.com/images/talent/440/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-41402E46-DE46-34AE-9A37-31A53996B996.jpg
    <![CDATA[Administrative/Case Coordinator ]]> Fiona recently relocated to Milwaukee.  She has worked within the home healthcare field for the past 3 years as a Service and Development Coordinator.  She was responsible for managing a case of about 40 people helping them coordinate services, benefits, etc.  She helped provide resources and helped staff for additional needs.  She has very strong administrative and customer service skills.  She is bilingual in Spanish as well.  Fiona is available to start immediately with your team on temporary basis as needed.   

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    <![CDATA[Experienced Executive Assistant ]]> A results-oriented professional with an established reputation for providing exceptional experiences. Proven abilities as a team player who is eager to utilize strong project management, work ethic and communication skills to drive cross-functional collaboration with stakeholders at all levels of the organization. Highly organized creating efficiencies with deep expertise driving world-class client experiences for global corporations. Focused on the experience including strategy, planning, execution, and logistics to create memorable internal and external customer experiences. Skilled in: Program and Project Management | Communications Strategy | Marketing | Customer Experiences | Meeting and Event Planning | Creative | Process Improvement My professional achievements, most recently at Harley-Davidson, reflect strong leadership and dedication to providing exceptional experiences utilizing my project management, communications and organizational strengths. I am currently seeking a position that will leverage these strengths at a world-class organization.
    Created and managed end-to-end process for new Rentals Advisory Committee consisting of 6 rentals dealers, 4 business partner members, and 4 Harley-Davidson Motor Company members. Partnered with corporate communications to design and develop content to publish on dealer website, increasing communications on the benefits of participating in rentals program and how to increase sales. Managed C-level strategic business partners to host Board of Directors meetings at Corporate Headquarters. Increased exposure to executive leadership improving awareness of business results and business partner relationship. Led a cross-functional effort to design and develop a marketing communications piece for all U.S. dealers and executive leadership to promote the program, resulting in increased rider rentals and motorcycle sales.
    Managed planning and execution activities for 773 attendees in 13 cities over 5 days, including 735 dealer participants attended the business update via webinar. Planned and executed end-to-end process for delivering executive updates to dealers during townhall meetings and webinars which led to strengthened and improved dealer relationships. Relocated ~160 employees through seamless execution of complex projects, including office moves, following restructuring and reorganization; allowed for team adjacencies and improved work collaboration.
    Recognized by receiving Harley-Davidson s Continuous Improvement award for seamless planning and execution of annual executive update via webinar for 650+ dealers. Increased face-to-face dialogue with dealers and executives that strengthened and improved dealer relationships. Managed end-to-end process for U.S. market and Canada Dealer Advisory Council, consisting of 12 dealer participants, Motor Company representatives and executives. Improved business relationship and voice of customer for U.S. and Canada dealers in support of products, merchandise, and sales. Managed end-to-end process for annual dealer event for 300+ dealers. Planned and executed communications and logistics for global dealer motorcycle ride, giving dealers an opportunity to ride and experience new motorcycle product to improve dealer experience and engagement.

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